As a joint administrator of their deceased parents’ estate, our client faced a challenging situation. With multiple beneficiaries involved, the estate had various complexities and emotional hurdles to overcome.

 Supporting a Joint Administrator of a Deceased Estate in Emotional Journey


The client was going through a difficult time as they were faced with buying out their sibling’s share of the estate amidst a relationship breakdown. Furthermore, the estate had multiple beneficiaries and Adcocks discovered that considerable arrears were owing on the estate, which added to the complexity of the situation which was already emotionally distressing. The client was in need of proper guidance and support during this challenging time.

Services Delivered

Adcocks Conveyancing was able to deliver significant value to the client by providing the following services:
• Ongoing support to the client as needed to help them through this emotionally challenging time
• Assisted the client in logically thinking through all necessary steps involved in the related party transaction
• Negotiated with the other party to ensure that all arrears were paid by them instead of being a burden on the client
• Reviewed and advised on the terms of the transaction to ensure that the client’s best interests were protected
• Managed the transaction and provided regular updates to the client, ensuring that all parties were fully informed
• Worked with the client until the settlement was finally completed and the client was able to take full control of the estate


The Adcocks team worked with the client for around 3-4 months to reach a successful settlement. Our client now has full control of the estate without having to bear any of the arrears that were owing.


Adcocks Conveyancing understands the emotional toll that related party transactions can have on clients; especially those involving deceased estates and relationship splits. With expertise and empathy, our team navigates these complex and delicate situations, guiding clients through every step and negotiating on their behalf to ensure a successful outcome. From negotiating arrears to facilitating standard transfers between spouses, we work tirelessly to help clients reach a positive resolution and achieve peace of mind.

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