Our client owned a thriving pharmacy business and the land it was situated on. She approached us for assistance in selling the business and retiring.

 Helping Small Business Owner Achieve their Retirement Goals


To begin with, selling a business that also includes ownership of the land comes with unique challenges. In the specific case of pharmacies, the buyer of the business must be licensed by the Pharmacy Board and have the necessary approval. The Commonwealth imposes
strict controls on approving new pharmacy and relocating pharmacies for Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) subsidy purposes. These complex issues, combined with the need to work with an accountant and business broker, made the process even more challenging. To facilitate a successful sale of the business, the client needed appropriate terms that would protect her interests while being attractive for potential buyers.

Services Delivered

Adcocks Conveyancing was able to deliver significant value to the client by providing the following services:
• Navigating pharmacy licensing restrictions and requirements for approval from the Pharmacy Board
• Thorough knowledge of lease terms, ensuring the best possible outcome for both the client and potential buyers
• Drafting of favourable lease terms that aligned with all necessary regulations and restrictions
• Streamlining the sales process, making it less complicated for the client


Thanks to Adcocks Conveyancing’s expertise and personalised approach, our client was able to move forward with the sale of her business with peace of mind. All the necessary terms were in place, and she is now able to focus on retiring and enjoying the next chapter of her life.


Adcocks Conveyancing understands the
unique challenges small business owners face, especially in light of their retirement goals. Our team has the knowhow to navigate complexities based on the client’s sector to deliver a seamless experience for all parties involved in the process.

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