Can Adcocks manage the process for me from start to finish?

Yes. Adcocks provide a project management service where we become your single point of contact. Because of our expert knowledge and industry contacts, many first time developers and busy professionals find this service invaluable to them. Adcocks management includes: // arranging for the land division to be drawn up by a surveyor // ensuring you have final approval of the plans // managing the process for development approval including Council and SA Water // ensuring final clearances and approvals are obtained // preparing the legal documentation to accompany the plan // attend to obtaining written consent from your financier // attending to Lands Titles Office lodgment and registration // advising all relevant parties of Deposit of the plan and issue of new Titles Contact us to make a time to discuss your needs.

Can I sign a Contract to sell my land before the subdivision is Complete?

Yes, however, there will have to be a special clause included in the Contract to reflect the division. Your Contract should also include a copy of the proposed division to ensure there is no confusion as to the land being sold and it’s dimensions. //Adcock’s will work with your Agent and assist them in preparing the Contract to ensure you are protected.

Does dividing land affect my Tax?

Any investment will inevitably have an affect on your tax situation and real estate is no different. Before proceeding with any sale or purchase, you should seek the advice from a qualified taxation expert. Things that should be considered include: //Q is GST applicable //Q who is to bear the CGT (if any) //Q how is it to be financed //Q should a family trust be used //Adcocks are not taxation experts or financial advisors; however we are more than willing to discuss with you or your accountant any issues you may have. If you do not have a taxation expert you can speak to, click here for our recommendation

Which suit me better, Community Title or Torrens Title?

The Council’s planning requirements, your long term objectives for the division and how many blocks you are creating will determine what sort of division is right for you. While a Community Title is generally cheaper initially, the on going costs and return when sold may mean it’s not right for you. Contact us to make a time to discuss your objectives.

Can I build before my subdivision is completed?

Typically yes, however, the type of development you are planning will determine if this is the case. Contact us to make a time to discuss your plan.

Can I subdivide my land?

What you can do to your land is dependant on the zoning applied by your council. //Adcocks can advise you on the minimum requirements for a land division in your area. Contact us and we can advise you.

When should I talk to Adcock’s?

At conception stage! The profit you make, and the long term financial consequences such as taxation, will be determined on the time you put into the planning of the project. Adcocks will work with you and your Accountant to map out a plan which will take into account such things as: //Q how the project is to be financed
//Q what entities are to own the land
//Q what the long term objective is with the Lands Titles Office
//Q any taxation implications such as CGT and GST
//Q what type of division is best for you Contact us to make a time to discuss your plan.

Why do I need a Conveyancer?

There are several different professionals you will need to engage when subdividing land. Your Conveyancer is responsible for the preparation of the legal documentation that accompanies the plan prepared by your surveyor, to give effect to the division.