Adcocks Pty Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy.

Adcocks Pty Ltd only collects personally identifiable information about individuals provided as part of a Conveyancing transaction for which they act. This information may include names, email addresses, phone numbers, residential and postal addresses and banking details.
Adcocks will only collect information that is required by us to deliver our services to you and we will do this in a fair and lawful manner.

We use the information collected to:

  • Prepare Conveyancing instruments and supporting documents
  • Communicate with you in regard to services we may offer from time to time that may be of benefit to you
  • Process payments to you and on your behalf that form part of a transaction in which we act for you
  • Liaise with other companies representing you as part of the transaction in which we act for you such as financiers, real estate agents, property and strata managers and statutory authorities as required as part of a transaction in which we act for you

Except where we are legally required to do so, we will not provide your personal details to any other person or organisation other than for the purpose of completing a transaction in which we act for you.

If you wish to make a complaint about the conduct of Adcocks Pty Ltd or its staff in relation to this policy you may do so by

  1. sending an email to
  2. calling during office hours on 08 8267 6255
  3. or by mail at Adcocks PO Box 633 North Adelaide SA 5006